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Dokter Laura BOURLARD

Between second and third year of Gynecology - Obstetric specialization (Graduated in Medicine Master in June 2016)

Aantal beurzen:
2016-2017, 2018-2019: "Bourse Paul Danblon" | 2017-2018: "Bourse Dr. Olivier Engels"


Development of a molecular diagnosis technique (comprising array CGH) on fetal cells from endocervical samples.

Project supervisor

Julie Désir, MD PhD
Medical Geneticist
Associate Professor, Head of the Prenatal and Reproductive Genetics Clinic

Bruno Pichon, PhD
Genetics Laboratory Supervisor

Labo of hospitaal waar het project plaatsvindt

Erasme Hospital, Laboratoy of Cytogenetic
Human Genetics Center – ULB
808 route de Lennik,
1070 Brussels

Objectives of research

Aim of this project is to offer, to couples with a child affected by genetic disease and/or carriers of a genetic abnormality, an innovative prenatal diagnosis method which has as main advantages:

  • To be not invasive, from cervical smear which is an easy non-invasive test.
  • To be realized early in pregnancy from 5 weeks of gestation
  • To provide fetal genetic material from trophoblast cells in endocervical samples, which would allow to realize molecular genetic analyses and to detect small fetal genetic abnormalities.

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