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Dokter Loraine FABRI

4th year of complementary master in Paediatrics
Doctor in Medicine, 2016
Master in Medicine, 2016
Bachelor in Medicine, 2011

Aantal beurzen:
2018-2019 - 2019-2020: "Bourse de la fondation Haas-Teichen"


Evaluation of the immune response to M-Like surface proteins in a controlled human infection model of group A streptoccocus pharyngitis

Project supervisor

Professor Andrew Steer
Professor Pierre Smeesters

Labo of hospitaal waar het project plaatsvindt

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia

Objectives of research

The study consists in a controlled human infection challenge for group A streptococcal (GAS) infections. The aim is to investigate the host-pathogen interaction between GAS and the human, in order to fast-track development of GAS vaccines, diagnostic approaches and new therapeutics.
The global objective of the study is to develop a controlled human infection model of GAS pharyngitis.
The specific objective is to evaluate the human immune response to a trio of GAS surface proteins namely M, MRP and ENN.

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